We almost lost out on the Delta London 15k bonus

My wife has a last-minute, unexpected business trip to London, needing to depart today if the details get sorted. She works in an industry where style is paramount, so New York to London is in business class.

As she was packing I was looking over the inbox for the email account I use for her offers and noticed a generic looking Delta one I had overlooked. I opened to see it is that the Delta London 100k offer for business class/full-fare economy roundtrips between the US and London Heathrow (LHR), provided that both ways include Delta-operated nonstop US to LHR flights.

At the time it came out I think I registered myself and never bothered to register her. It did not seem plausible that either of us would have qualifying travel. That first trip bonus of 15,000 SkyMiles would have flown away tonight.

So, don’t make my mistake, sign-up for offers as they come, even if you think there is little chance of taking advantage of them.

Generally I am good at doing this, most I sign up and forget, not high-enough probability or payoff to worry about. Others I flag and check when a trip comes up.

Readers, what promos have you lost out on by neglecting to register?

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  • Ted F

    SkyBonus JFK-LHR double points!

    “Now your company can earn double SkyBonus points for each purchased ticket between New York JFK and London Heathrow (LHR).
    To take advantage of this limited time offer, you must register prior to purchasing and flying on any nonstop eligible ticket between New York JFK and London Heathrow (LHR) by December 31, 2012.”

    Too late?

  • Skybonus number in and skybonus promos? 🙂

  • @Ted F and Delta Points – I did register that previously in my SkyBonus and SkyBonus is in her Delta profile, but since her company agent is booking, I don’t think we will get credit, unless you know a workaround?

  • Just see there are 3 new SkyBonus promotions I hadn’t registered for, not likely to use, but…

  • Nice catch, RTC. Good trip to the Mrs. With BusinessExtrAA, the account number is linked to the traveler’s AAdvantage number/profile, or you could call in to change the number. I am not sure how SkyBonus works (registered for it but haven’t used it). Is it possible to call in and change it today, or can you get retro credit after the trip?

  • @Jimmy – we have had no issue with her personal travel getting SkyBonus credit but neither of us have gotten credit for company booked tickets, I assume we are not supposed to get credit for those since there should only be one agency on the booking, but maybe someone has a workaround?

  • Ted F

    I don’t know anything about company bookings, but I would enter ticket number now before and later after she flies for credit. If you get it, great, if not, then not meant to be? Though double points on BE revenue ticket would be awesome huh?

    Maybe calling in to add SkyBonus number will help?