Rapid Travel Chai on ABC’s Good Morning America

Bust your hump day after day trying to write quality travel pieces and what does the media want? Celebrity pictures.

The Rapid Traveler was amused late last night to find an urgent request from ABC to use his picture taken of Alicia Silverstone from the Vamps Q&A at BAMcinematek. It was related to a piece on a video Ms. Silverstone had posted of pre-chewing food that she fed to her son.

Well, all press supposedly good press, it was fun to see the attribution “COURTESY: RAPIDTRAVELCHAI.COM” on ABC.

The video is here and here, the photo is used at 0:59 and 2:11.



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  • aadvantagegeek

    Nice photo credit!

  • Fun! Even if it was related to pre-chewed food.

  • Haha, hopefully this will bring you a lot of new readers!

  • Very cool

  • Haha, that’s awesome! Media exposure comes from the most random of places sometimes!

  • LIH Prem


  • LIH Prem

    … does that make you a part of the “lamestream media”. 😀

  • Very nice!